1. Thanks for that info, that is very useful.

    I have a document with a bleed of 0.125″. I’ve set my page to take this in consideration and I would like to print the bleed margin (so a line around the outside border of the page, 0.125″ from the side).

    Do you know a package to do that?

  2. Louis

    I am using the showframe package, but I have different margins for the even and odd pages. Show frame works for the even pages, but the text bleeds into the right side margin on every odd page (the frame should be flipped over the y axis on the odd pages).

  3. Sudanne Cook

    That high level info is no use to a non-technical person. The lines that indicated the margins just disappeared and now I can’t figure out how to get them back. already looked up reference books and the internet.
    Any simple solutions????

    • Hi there,

      One thing that sometimes helps is to delete any intermediate file generated while typesetting (*.aux, *.log, *.toc, etc.) and regenerate the document from scratch. Other than that, it’s hard to help without seeing what you are doing in your code. Please provide a minimal example and I’ll see what I can do…

      Best, Tom.

    • tom

      Hi Carl,

      You can also see these in the log file as Overfull \hbox warnings. To visualize them, use the document class option: draft. See here for more information.

      Best, Tom

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