1. Hamlet

    If your image is PostScript, the Ghostview (`gv`) program present in most X (UNIX) systems will report the same type of coordinate used by “trim” (“big point”?) as you move the mouse around the image.
    That is an alternative to trial-and-error method.

  2. Allan

    MakeFile Problem

    I am having problems with compiling eps Images, I don’t know whether it is a problem with my make file or. When even I am compiling a document with eps images, it takes like 4minutes struggling to compile them, how can I overcome that? Is it the makefile problem? If it is can some one help me with a working example. Or could u help me with a template with a makefile and a sample image included, I just dont know whether eps is becoming obsolete but it is taking ages to be compiled.

    • Hi Allan,

      Thanks for your comment. Without seeing any code, I suggest you try to convert your eps-image to pdf. Every Linux/UNIX distribution and Mac OS X will have that command (eps2pdf or similar). The image quality will be the same. If loading the pdf instead doesn’t resolve your problem, please provide a minimal working examples that I can run on my computer.

      Thanks, Tom.

  3. Jim Gomi

    When tuning the clip parameters, it is helpful to enclose the image in a framebox:

    \fbox{ \includegraphics{...} }

    then you can immediately see where the borders of the clipped image are.

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