1. Joshua Saxton

    I find this extremely useful and quite pretty. I am having trouble understanding how I can use the template though. Do I need to move the file to my Tex directory?

    • Hi Joshua,

      The easiest solution is to move the class-file (texMemo.cls) to your document directory. Another possibility is to install it globally. See here for more details on how to install extra packages (including class-files).

  2. Stephen B. Salai

    This class is almost exactly what I need, but I notice that quotes don’t work in the normal way. They look like they do in your example. Can you help me?

    • tom

      Hi Brad,

      The class uses the Palatino font, which has somewhat different quotes. If you prefer the standard font, Computer Modern, open the class file and comment out line 10, which says:


      Hope this helps,

      • Brad Salai

        Thanks Tom. I’ll do it when I get to work.
        And thank you for putting the class together.

    • tom

      Hi Louie,

      Open the file texMemo.cls and add this code:

      % Around line 35
      \newcommand{\memocc}[1]{\gdef\@memocc{\protect #1}}
      % Inside description, roughly line 69
      \ifthenelse{\equal{\@memocc}{\relax}}{}{\item [{Cc:}] \@memocc}

      With this, you can add a cc using \memocc{Somebody}.

      Let me know if you run into problems.

      Best, Tom

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