1. Paavo

    Very helpful, thank you!

    Addition: to prevent the indentation of text after an equation, add only ONE line feed between them. (This may be trivial, not for me.)

    Follow-up question: is there an easy way to achieve the same effect after figures (which may be placed by LaTeX virtually anywhere)?

    • Hi Paavo,

      The same applies for figures and other floats. Do not leave any blank line, just continue your paragraph on the next line, right after \end{figure} and it will be place within the paragraph.

      Here is a MWE:

      \usepackage{graphicx, blindtext}
      \caption{Some figure}
  2. Hello, this is the best and most complete explanation on LaTeX paragraph and line spacing I’ve ever seen. You could also mention there is the “leading” package that makes it much easier to change line spacing.

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