1. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Is it possible to explain in another topic how to generate the meta files in a subfolder?

    They are so annoying and disturbing

  2. Sven

    My thesis contained a lot of tikz pictures (over 100, if I remember correctly). In this case, the tikz-externalize functionality can come in handy. As far as I know, there are still some bugs, but it saved me a lot of time (10 sec pdf creation vs. 3 minutes 😉

  3. joe

    When you include or input external files do you need to define the document class and use \usepackage in the external file or just in the main one?

    • tom

      Just in the main file. Just think of it as if you cut a part of your long document and saved it to another file. There is no extra syntax needed.

      Hope this helps,

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