Posting Questions

I am more than happy to help you should you have a question about LaTeX or any related topic. After all, your question help improve my blog and give me ideas for new posts. I try to answer as many questions as possible and in general, I manage to get back to you relatively quickly. In order to make your life and mine easier, I put together these few points that I would ask you to consider before posting a question:

Minimal example
Please provide a minimal working example that I can copy and paste into a TeX document to reproduce your problem. Here are some instructions on minimal examples in LaTeX. Sometimes it may be difficult to describe the issue or to reproduce your problem. Furthermore, it will save us both time, confusion and you have a much better chance that I can help you when a minimal example is provided. Finally, there is a good chance that you’ll solve the problem yourself while creating a minimal example. If so, you are of course welcome to post the question along with the solution.

Posting code
Wordpress has a set of tools that make sourcecode look nice. Briefly, you can use tags of the following form for your LaTeX code:

[sourcecode language=”latex”]


Has your question been answered before?
Please go through the questions/comments that other people posted, there is a good chance that you will find the answer there. If there are lots of comments, use ctrl-f to search for key-words.

Is the question related to post?
In order for others to benefit from your question and potential answers, please try to find a post that is related to your question. You may use the search field on the right to find related posts. If there is no post, just use the one that you think is the most related to your question.

Suggestions, critiques or general comments
Please use the form on the About page for suggestions, critiques or general comments. They will be e-mailed to me and never published.

Thank you for your consideration.