TeX/LaTeX Resources

A non-exhaustive list of online resources that I found while browsing the internet, reading about \LaTeX and think are worthwhile sharing:


LaTeX Distributions
Selection of LaTeX Editors
Online Editors
Web Resources
  • The \LaTeX Project: web
  • A very well written set of tutorials for beginners by Andy Roberts. Getting to Grips with \LaTeX: web
  • \LaTeX on Wikibooks: web
  • Comprehensive \TeX Archive Network, CTAN: web
  • \LaTeX on Stack Exchange: web
  • \TeXample: ample resources for TeX users: web
  • The levels of \TeX: web
  • Learn \LaTeX in 5 Minutes (video tutorials): web (discontinued)
  • Natbib reference sheet: web
  • \TeXcount, online word count service: web
  • texMemo: A Simple Memo Class for \LaTeX: web
  • knitr: Elegant, flexible and fast dynamic report generation with R: web
  • LaTeX Symbols: web
  • TeX.SX (stackexchange): web
  • more to come …
PDF Resources
  • The not so short introduction to \LaTeXe: pdf
  • \LaTeX cheat sheet: pdf
  • \LaTeXe for class and package writers: pdf
  • Creating a \LaTeX minimal example: pdf
  • Sweave user manual: pdf
  • more to come …


  1. saifulkhan

    I would like to request for your help. I have a table which is very big

    1. No. of columns are high
    2. The text in most cells are lengthy
    - For the above reasons I want the table in landscape. And the text should dynamically adjust so that the table does not cross the page.

    3. Number of rows are also high
    - For this reason the table should span through multiple page

    Please help me here. I can send the table in XL sheet if you please want to look at the requirement.

    • Thanks for your comment. What you are looking for is the longtable package. Here is a post on that topic with sample code. Please find a suitable post for your comment next time. You may use the search field on the right. Best, Tom.

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