1. Artik

    I am working with LyX and having the same problem as you (except that I am not using the small enviroment). The problem is that I can’t solve it the same way as you did, because I don’t have direct access to the Latex code. I don’t know why it doesn’t work referencing tables if with figures it does ok. ¿Do you figure out how to solve it?

  2. tom

    I actually thought there is a way to write raw Latex code directly into the Lyx file, but I don’t know Lyx very well, maybe I am wrong.
    Glad you solved your problem 😉

  3. esteban

    I’m writting my PhD thesis and I’ve been suffering from the same problem you
    describe and fix. So I thank you for your solution, which worked perfectly for my
    particular case. I’m using TeX (Web2C 7.4.5) running on a Slackware Linux 9.1 (2003).

  4. javi

    it works like you said, I wonder why is that. Just use something like

    \caption{this is a table \label{tab:pp}}


  5. antratix

    Use the package “caption” and set the options. This provides great flexibility in changing the properties of the label and the legend for a table.




    writes label and legend in small letters and additionally the label in bold face.

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