1. doncherry

    The hyperref option pdfusetitle might be worth mentioning, it tries to determine author and title automatically from the \author and \title macros. It needs to be called with \usepackage{hyperref}; it doesn’t work within \hypersetup.

    The pdftex option isn’t really necessary since hyperref can detect this driver automatically (see. section 3.3 of the manual).

  2. Minustar

    Regarding the keywords, they should be specified in the following way: pdfkeywords={kw1}, {keyword2}, {etc.}

    • Hello there! Thanks for pointing this out. Unfortunately, the hyperref package documentation has no example. However, I saw that wikibooks has an example that is similar to what you proposed (without commas). However, the output generated by the wikibooks code compared to mine are slightly different. The keywords are separated by a space only, whereas using the code from in post they are separated by a comma and with quotes (see post above).

      Best, Tom.

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