1. Diaa

    Great work as usual !

    However, what about making a Facebook page containing all the new topics you frequently update the blog with ?

    I think it will make your efforts more renowned.


    • Thanks for your comment. The code could be simplified, I agree. I wanted to show how to produce a reasonable pgfplotstable (column alignment, horizontal lines, etc.). It’s unfortunate I wrote a simple example is complicated. Besides that, it is a one-liner :-).

  2. I found the article very useful, thank you! It’s my first time to see texblog.org, but I like it already!
    Just one small contribution: concerning 2nd example for csvsimple – there’s a mistake

    {\thecsvrow & \firstname~\name & \age}%

    you probably need to choose: either \surename or \firstname or you get a mistake. It took me 20 minutes to understand the matter cause I’m not familiar with csvsimple so far. So probably it would be better to correct it.

    Thank you very much for your work!

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