1. Very nice, though I can see that you can only say os=mac or os=win. This means that the two operating systems I use are excluded… Maybe I’ll contact the package auhor about it. I guess that for os=linux not many changes would be required, but os=emacs would definitely need some work;).

    • Thanks for your comment! It does’t necessarily mean Linux is not supported. It only means that Linux does’t have any OS-specific buttons like the command key on an Apple or the Windows key on a Windows keyboard.


  2. Well, my Ubuntu box calls the Windoze key “Super”. And Emacs has its M-x, C-c etc. (basically M (Meta) instead of Alt, C for Control, for Enter etc., and a hyphen instead of a plus sign). I guess it would be easy to implement, and being able to have an option “os=emacs” would be soooo cute;)…

    • Aaargh, your blog engine ate my less than/greater than signs. Of course, Enter is called [RET] in Emacs, with “angle brackets” instead of normal ones.

    • I really encourage you to contact the package author to tell him about your ideas. He was extremely friendly and helpful when I got in touch with him while writing the post.
      Thanks for your comment!

    • @mbork: The reason that there are only these to values for the os option is that I don’t know other systems and don’t know their special requirements … Any suggestion are very welcome, the more detailed they are the better I can implement the desired features. Just add an issu at GitHub or send me an e-mail if you don’t have an GitHub account.

  3. Wow, that looks great!
    I just asked to make tutorial “for dummies” at my university, how to easy install and use latex. Definitely will use it!

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