1. That’s a great feature! Thanks a lot! BTW, have you had the chance to look at my question about modern aesthetically pleasing looking book templates in latex?

  2. Jaap

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for showing how to make subfigures and labels in a for loop. Can you say if it is also possible to make references in a for loop?

    • tom

      Hi Jaap,

      See the section “Cross-referencing sub-figures” for how to add references to auto-generated figures. Let me know if you encounter any issues with that.

      Best, Tom.

    • tom

      Hi Khidhir,

      Thanks for your question. This Q&A illustrates how to have a set of sub-figures spanning multiple pages in the same figure environment. If you know how many sub-figures fit on a single physical page, you can automatically end and begin the figure environment.

      Let me know if you get stuck implementing a solution.


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