1. hqube

    Thanks. I’ve been looking for this. This one of the last reasons why I’m not using tex for most of my document needs. JPG/PNG didn’t work for me though. I used EPS instead.

    I would just like to add; To ovelap the signature image with the signature name, add a negative \vspace before \fromname.

  2. noname

    “This space will not automatically disappear … “: it does if you set the parameter in [ ]: \closing{Sincerely, \\[0.0in] \includegraphics ….. name}.

  3. t

    noname’s comment worked for me.

    I was using \signature, but the extra space after \closing was annoying.

  4. STK

    The above, while simple to implement, will not remove the space allocated for the signature block in the letter. It simply makes it “empty” space and adds the signature elements into the \closing{} text. LaTeX will still put in this space after the \closing{} text when compiling. This will cause an overflow and breaking to a new page prematurely. I found this out the hard way while trying to keep a letter to a single page.

    You can change how \closing{} works by including the following in the header:

    	\ignorespaces #1\\[0.0in]%
    \else \fromsig \fi\strut}%

    Then, just add the image to the \signature{} command as:

    \signature{\includegraphics[height=.7in]{Signature.png} \\ Your Name}

    and things should work fine with no extra (blank) space after the signature block.

  5. _pascal_

    you can use this to set the space between \closing and \signature


    • tom

      Hi Narph,

      This only works when using the LaTeX standard document class letter. Below is a complete minimal example.

      Hope this help,

      \address{Street \\ City \\ Country}
      \begin{letter}{Company name \\ Street\\ City\\ Country}
      \opening{Dear Sir or Madam:}
      \closing{Yours faithfully,\\
      \fromsig{\rule{2cm}{1cm}} \\
      \fromname{Your name}
      \ps{P.S. Here goes your ps.}

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