1. domwass

    I would rather recommend a documentclass like memoir or scrreprt (from KOMA-Script), since they are much more flexible than report.

    • Thanks for the link. I just saw your post and thought I should really check out git sometimes :-). Best, Tom.

      • Yes, git is awesome. It can be a bit overwhelming with all the options and commands, but if you’re just working alone, and probably on several machines, then you can do everything effortlessly with few commands.

  2. Hi, I can recommend two important packages: lineno.sty to insert linenumbers (really helpful in the debugging phase) and todonotes (allows you to insert todo-notes for things you still have to do.)

  3. Hi Tom, I’m writing a report on spanish in LaTex, using emacs, auctex, aspell (~170pags. ~70 files included by now) and this blog is my savior every time because I’m quite new with all these.

    The question: Is there anyway (other than \- in every occurrence) to define the correct hyphenation for accented words (non english characters like é)?
    I have three o four accented words, about the subject of my report, that occur near 100 times each, across several files, and the \hyphenation{} command can’t handle these.

    • Hi!

      I was wondering what packages you load in your preamble. For a better hyphenation (and easier typing), you should use these packages:


      See here for more details.

      If this doesn’t help, please provide a minimal working example to illustrate the problem.

      Thanks, Tom.

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