1. Jose

    I can’t get the pdf since I get the error:

    ! Illegal unit of measure (pt inserted).

    l.18 \cofeAm{1}{1.0}{0}{5.5cm}{3cm}

    I use TexShop on Mac OS X.

    Any suggestion?

    Thanks, Jose.

    • It would help if you provided a few lines of code to illustrated what you are doing and for me to reproduce the issue. Thanks, Tom.

  2. Gilles

    There seems to be a complication for me. The Xoff and Yoff rotate with the angle…

    If angle is 0, Xoff is horizontal and Yoff is vertical
    But if the angle is 90, they turn accordingly…

    • You are right, thanks for pointing this out. Here is an example where the stains coincide after rotation and translation in different directions.


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