• Hi Desmond,

      That’s a legitimate question, thanks!
      To scale the complete object, say to include it in another document, I suggest using the standalone document class and then graphicx to load it. PDFs are vector graphics and therefore perfectly scalable.


      Scaling the leaves only (e.g. make them smaller and closer to the text) is a completely different question. Here is one possible way to do that by altering TiKZ units/constants:

      \begin{tikzpicture}[x=0.5cm, y=0.5cm, node distance=0.5cm]


  1. I’m trying to use it to do a titlepage, and its working well, except it will insist in putting todays date above the graphics. How do I stop that please?

    • tom

      Great! I assume you are using maketitle. To omit the date, just leave it blank. Best, Tom.

      \title{A fancy title}
      \author{This is me}
  2. I’ve tried what you suggested but its still showing me todays date above the graphics, this is the relevant section of my foo.tex header code

    \leaves{ Universal Hormones\\2014\\{\tiny Sharon Kimble}}
      pdfcreator={Emacs (Org mode 8.2.6)}}

    Nowhere do I define author, title, date except in the \leaves line, so where is it picking the date from, because “date” is not mentioned at all in the header code or anywhere else when it come to that!

    • tom

      A few things:

      • Today’s date is produced by default when using \maketitle. Omit the date using \date{}.
      • I assume you define \title in your preamble. I get an error when using \maketitle without a \title definition.
      • Since the title and author name are part of \leaves, I don’t see why you’d need \maketitle, just remove it which should resolve the problem.
      • The command \leaves (and \maketitle) go after \begin{document}, it’s part of the content.

      HTH, Tom

      • That’s sorted the date thanks, but now \fancyhdr has put a horizontal line above the graphics, so how do I get it not on the cover [page 1], but on every other page please?

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