1. Thanks for those tips! This is exactly the problem I struggled with in the last two week. Too bad the submission deadline for my documentation was last friday; but thanks to your post, I can handle this issue it in the future :)

    • tom

      Hi Christophe,

      Thanks for your comment, I completely agree. However, when I mentioned Apple all I had in mind was alternate coloring of rows. This simple trick increases the readability of a tables which is ultimately what the post is about. I could have been more clear on that point.
      Thanks for the link, really cool animation…


  2. I’m definitely looking for a way to colour rows not alternatively like here above, but once every nth rows (like I can do in MS Excel…), but automatically, like for even and odd row colours. Would somebody know how this is feasible?

    • tom

      Coloring every even and odd row with a different color can be done as shown here. For a different pattern, you would probably have to do it manually.

      Cheers, Tom.

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