1. It works for spaces in path-names, but what about underscores? Double quotes doesn’t seem to solve this problem. Is it just not advisable to use underscore at all in neither path-names nor file-names when dealing with LaTeX?

    • Hi Mika,

      Thanks for your comment. Can you provide a minimal working example to give me an idea of what your path-/file-name looks like? I can include figures with underscores in their file-name. But I remember this was a problem with earlier versions of TeX.


  2. Beginner

    Dear Tom,
    I succeeded using pictures from a folder I made in the directory in Latex named “pictures” by writing \includegraphics{pictures/testingpicture.png}. Hence I did not need the first slash “/” for the directory. Maybe I misunderstood that part

    Thanks once again.

  3. Hoan

    Thank you alot.
    I think in
    It should be
    without / after {

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