• Hi dre,

      Save a copy of the old and new version of your tex file in a directory. Next, use latexdiff in the command line to compare the two as shown in the post.


  1. Dusty

    Although these types of tools are tempting, I really think we should be teaching Latex users to use Git. The problems of collaborative and versioned documents are not trivial, and Git has solved them in a robust way that is now an industry standard. Along with the tool itself comes an entire ecosystem of collaborative tooling (like GitHub), that makes it possible for the less initiated to participate. In addition, Git knowledge translates to languages other than Tex, and is broadly useful.

    • Hi Dusty,

      Thanks, I fully agree with you. Nevertheless, there are drawbacks to using Git and the collaborative platforms (GitHub/Bitbucket/etc.). It can be overwhelming for someone who has never used a version control system before. Also, not all features on the collaborative platforms are free. Another alternative might be to use a LaTeX online editor (such as Overleaf), which often have track-changes functionality integrated.

      Would you be interested in writing a beginner-level guest post on using Git with a LaTeX project?


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