1. Winkelwagen

    For easy “quick’n’dirty” presentations this package is very usefull. Though I tend to use the Beamer package rather. If you want to keep it simple, it is possible, but going sophistocated is possible too.

    But I guess it’s just preference.

  2. tom


    Thanks for your comment. Let me post something on the beamer package later. I have to read myself into it and try things out first. Nevertheless, I agree that beamer is a very powerful package, providing plenty of themes and functionalities.

  3. Chris

    Another package is “powerdot”, which has some stunning themes.
    I urge you to give it a try, if you can.
    One of the fancy options I loved is the possibility to add a clock in the slide, useful to check your timing (even during the official presentation)! I said “loved” since this feature, which beautifully used to work ’till last year, now it’s broken due to an upgrade of the hyperref package. So, no clock for the time being!

  4. lhb

    An intermediate package is prosper (prosper HA) : it’s quite sober than beamer, but much easier, and more beautiful than just

  5. Hans

    Just thought I’d say that I recently converted many slides from {slides} to {beamer} and it was easy. I don’t know many beamer features either, but for basic slides the tasks are (1) replace \begin{slide} and \end{slide} with \begin{frame} and \end{frame} and (2) remove the slide title from the latex inside the slide and use the beamer title instead (3) maybe change graphic sizes to better fit the beamer slide. No need to start out using other beamer features.

    The one gotcha that I ran into was that beamer has its own implementation of {itemize} and a few other environments, so if you have some other package that also wants to control one of these environments, there can be trouble.

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