1. lynn


    Have you ever experienced the minitoc appeared in wrong chapters? Any solution for this? Is there any conflicting packages such as the use of tocloft package etc?

    • Are you using \chapter*{} or \section*{} somewhere in your document? Try adding the following line at the end of the starred chapter to adjust the minitoc counter:


      Please refer to the documentation for further details.

      Cheers, Tom.

  2. Interesting thanks. But I have one large section and I want a ToC for that section ONLY. How do I define a “minitoc” for that one section that omits the section number and numbers the first subsection as “1” not “0.1” or “5.1”?? Actually “5.1” would be fine. BTW I am using the article class.

    • tom

      Hi Wayne,

      Thanks for your question. Is this a starred section (\section*{}) you need the minitoc for? In general, minitoc uses the standard counters. Therefore, to remove the section number from subsection counter, it’s sufficient to redefine how the subsection counter is printed.

      Please provide a minimal example and I’ll be happy to make a suggestion.

      Apologies for the brief article. I’m aware that it’s information content is limited. You might find the minitoc package documentation useful.

      HTH, Tom

      % Subsection without section (e.g. 1 ....)
      % Content
      % Subsection with section (e.g. 1.1 ...)

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