1. brian


    Is there a similar trick to suppress TOC indexing of appendices sections without having to \section* them throughout? I just need the first page of the appendices in the TOC, but none of their (sub)sections.

    • Hi Brian,

      I suggest you use the tocvsec2 package which let’s you control the depth of the toc-entries using \settocdepth{chapter} within your code. Here is a complete example that shows how you can use it to solve your problem:

      \chapter{Additional Text}
      \chapter{Additional Figures}

      Cheers, Tom.

  2. Gordon

    Brian, I used a similar idea, but simply added in the line \addcontentsline{toc}{section}{Appendix}
    directly above \appendix. That added the line into the TOC, but meant that I could simply * out each section and subsection name from then onwards, but the start of my appendices were noted.

    And Tom, Thank you for this, I very much appreciate having finally found this incredibly simple solution to something that has been bothering me for a couple of hours!

  3. Thanks a lot.
    Some people suggested use \caption* to omit the appendix tables which produced another error and I could not reference any of my appendix tables. But your solution worked correctly. 🙂

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