1. Allan

    Hey could you help me with a make file that compiles a TeX document with eps images, my make file takes around 7minutes to compile a document with eps images, I think it has a bug. Looking forward to your reply

  2. jasleen

    i am getting various paragraphs of no meaning if i use \blindtext\blindtext . but if i delete that statement. my table is added at the last i.e. after references . what to do

    • tom

      Hi Jasleen,

      I sometimes use \blindtext to insert placeholder text for illustration. See the Blindtext package documentation for more details. Please remove it when using code from my site.

      TeX/LaTeX will try to find the best location for floating environments such as table. This might not always be where you might want them, especially large tables. You can control placement of floating environments to some extend.

      Try either this:


      or use \clearpage to print the table and start a new page.

    • tom

      Hi Jorge,

      I’m sorry to say that I don’t think this is possible in a fully automated way. My suggestion would be to use all three columns, possibly placing the caption on either side of the figure.

      HTH, Tom

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