• tom

      Just use the linktoc=all option when you load the hyperref package.

  1. I’ve tried it but it didn’t work, FYI this is the relevant part of my file header –

    \makeindex[options=-s ./index.ist,columnseprule,intoc]%robustindex % Indexing

    There is no change at all in the index page, unfortunately! 🙁

    • tom

      You load the hyperref package twice with different options. Use this instead:


      Also, hyperref has to be the last package loaded (exceptions).

      Finally, always typeset twice for changes to appear in the TOC.

  2. Ome

    I have really liked the templete. Can you please tell me where should I put the logo if I also want to mention the name of the university in the title page?

    • tom

      Personally, I’d place the university name right before the year and keep the logo on top. There might be guidelines of your school defining the order.

  3. kate

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for the template!
    It seems that newgeometry does not work with version 4 of the geometry package. Is there another possibility to get the twoside margins?

  4. MRLF

    Nice, simple, clean template. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, when I use this, it adds page numbers (which I do not want) and also includes a blank first page.

    I have to use this as my preamble.

    If I do not comment out the first line, it does no compile

    %\documentclass[12pt, oneside]{book}

    How can I remove the page numbers and the blank first page.

    Thank you!

    • tom

      Hi there!

      To switch pages number off, use:

      %Deactivate page numbering:
      %Reactivate again
      % To deactivate header/footer for a single page, e.g. title page
  5. Michael G

    Hi Tom
    Is it possible to have two logos side by side on the cover page (joint phd and both univversities’ logos must appear). Any idea how I can implement this?

    • tom

      Hi Michael,

      Try the minipage environment as shown below. If this doesn’t work, please provide a minimal working example. Thanks, Tom.

  6. johannesbottcher

    If the titlepage has different margin settings, which is quite often the case, i tend to recommend to include the titlepage as a standalone document with includepdf from pdfpages. A titlepage doesn’t change every few minutes and is quite static. Clompetely avoiding the newgeometry stuff.

    • tom

      Thanks for your comment. I agree, that’s a neat way of keeping the titlepage separated from the rest of the document. Best, Tom.

      • tom

        You can use the author macro as shown in the minimal working example below.

        \title{Some Title}
        \author{First Author, Second Author, Third Author, and Fourth Author}
  7. johannesbottcher

    Depending on how you want your complete author section output, there might be better ways. In some cases, it is even more painless to do the titlepage by hand.

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