1. Antti

    Is there away to use normal article type countering for main text, and then, in the appendices, to use section-wise equation counter (iike (A.1), (A.2), (A.3))

    • Antti

      This was easy. The amsmath command


      in the middel of the text does it, ie this command does not need to be in the preample.

  2. adam

    Hi my problem is very strange. My document is using the article class, but the section numbers are shown for the figures, figure 2.3, instead of figure 4.

    chngcntr does not work for me, because \counterwithout{figure}{chapter} only works for book class, not for article class. Any suggestion? Thanks.

    • tom

      Hi Adam,

      You would have to provide a minimal working example for me to reproduce the problem.


      • tom

        Please just reduce your code to the minimum such that I can reproduce the problem and paste it here. Make sure that if I run it I can see the problem you describe.

        Best, tom

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