• tom

      Do you do this:


      Please provide a minimal working example and I’ll see what I can do…

  1. joe

    Hi, great entry, really helped me!
    On addition for people with similar problems;
    in Texmaker you can’t define the three commands for makeindex in the makeindex-field.
    You have to either specify it as custom command or enter it manually into your compile-line like this:

    latex... | bibtex ... | makeindex -s %.ist -t %.alg -o %.acr %.acn | makeindex -s %.ist -t %.glg -o %.gls %.glo | latex | latex | pdf

    With this your acronyms and glossary will shop up correctly.

  2. Tester

    Thanks for this post. How can I add some space between the Abbreviation and its full form. They are very close to each other, I need some space between them.

    • tom


      You can add more space between the abbreviation and the full name by redefining \glsnamefont:


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